Monday, August 16, 2010

del taco daily allowance

what is it about the 1am s that bring about uncontrollable del taco cravings? as if the taste of taco will cradle me into slumber? 

now the sauce is pumped out into sauce cups, just like ketchup at in-n-out, but this sauce isn't a cover-up for the taste of meat, but a meat-enhancer! 

i had kale salad the other day, and didn't know that kale made a good salad. and it did. is kale the super fruit that makes smoothies all green. Dad Chiu makes a shake that is made of vegetables and seeds.  It makes me feel like a vegetable.  Feeling like a vegetable is different than liking vegetables.  You just feel if someone squeezed you, all the water would seep out.  

found a mind map program. and been minding mapping myself in hopes of finding a paying career that isn't wiping tables at a restaurant or mopping bathroom floors.  this is me aiming a bit higher.  and feeling inadaquate of "real" jobs. 


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  1. i think that maybe the impulse for tacos is ingrained in your brain from years of training (via college)