Wednesday, August 4, 2010

professionally braless

this morning, after sleeping for 3 hours, i slipped my new uber-modern dress on for the client presentation then put my make up face on to distract from the insane bags under my eyes and the pimple that had popped the night before. i drove to the office at 8:30--way too early for someone like me. i parked, got my iced latte and walked across the street to work. i rode the elevator to the 5th floor, checked my e-mail then got into a colleague's car for the hour long drive to our prospective client's office.

sitting in the backseat looking out at the suburbs of bangkok, something felt different, lighter. i realized that i had no bra on today. i guess you could sort of see nipples if you really looked, but the crazy deconstructed drapes in front were pretty good at hiding things. spent the rest of the day braless and too busy to even drive home to grab one. then it rained really hard and messed up my evening plans, but i guess i was secretly glad i didn't have to meet someone for dinner without a bra on. come to think of it, it probably would've been ok. after all, i did sit through a meeting with a roomful of strangers who either didn't notice or must have quietly thought, how liberated and european she must be!

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