Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the reader

11:25 pm
got home from work. reheated miscellaneous leftover pasta doused in habanero tabasco.
not a bad night. i've had many much later, much worse.
eating and reading nancy, looking at an image of buffaloes jumping off (falling off?) a cliff.

wish i could be on google reader all day, opening up an endless number of tabs.
mostly i just end up typing furiously and walking to the restroom, having a couple of beers at the desk or somewhere else at the end of the day.

trying to cut down on the drinking again. had been doing so well between may and october. i just don't have the willpower anymore.

other things i should/have been wanting to do:
go back to yoga
learn bookbinding (and maybe statistics)
finish a concept that's not work-related
coq au vin night

my coworker today asked for time as his birthday gift. what a nice thought. i wish we had 30 hours a day. i think i'd be cool with that.

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