Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sorry prayer

so tomorrow i will be doing my first open mic session in the first time in many many years. not since the bar where the chest butting pool players were seemingly mocking me as i poured my heart out to a earless crowd of blank stares and yells not directed towards me in the least.  far less responsive than when i first performed for a sea of feminist lovers, friends of those who have battled domestic violence of any form, or just supporting others who struggle.

its called constipation of the mind. with the first line talking of "prune juice for the mind."

more on that.

i'm exhausted.
today was a day full of people and talking. and now, all i want to do is be silent.
and sleep.
and dream pillow dreams
and not have to think or feel anymore than i have already
because i'm overwhelmed
and underneath it all,
i just want to sit
still and quiet
and pray.

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