Thursday, June 24, 2010

wasting fate

is there such a thing as being meant for something? destiny is rigid, unless we make our own. make enough mistakes, maybe.

today my boss said something like this:
being happy with your work, waking up each day and feeling excited about your job, there's nothing better than that. there's nothing more than that.

some people find their destiny in their professions, others in creations and others in relationships. do we really need to be meant for anything? is it wasteful if we aren't?

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  1. Perhaps its our duty and now newfound responsibity that sobers us up. I often wonder about my life and how it could have been different. Or where I should find my destiny. I laughed at the irony of life today, when I was stressing out about throwing a party. Stressed out about entertaining people, and how to make it a meaningful interaction.