Friday, July 16, 2010

i have to

i wear an ugly maroon polo shirt to work.  i have to.  in other places, i would try to exert my uniqueness/individualness/style, by rebelling against the powers higher than me.  But I grow tired.  I still recognize that what I am forced to wear is ugly, and it might be more depressing for the patients and clients to have to constantly be forced to see this burnt maroon color.

though we don't have to think about what we wear to work.  sometimes i just throw on my uniform 4 seconds before i'm due on the clock.  i hate working. i feel it just sucks my creativity out of my system. i should have a real job.  i should be getting paid for all the events and parties and performances i help put on.  but then again, does anyone get paid for putting on events... especially the ones that are pure and for and by the community.  i hate how this whole system works.  it makes me want to just start burning mansions down, and get really mad at the way money is dispersed in the states, and around the globe for that matter.

now, i feel like shit.

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  1. i work the system and it pays me poorly for creativity. i haven't yet discovered how you can get paid for it with pure intent though.