Thursday, July 15, 2010

child of the 90s/teen of the early 2000s

overheard today in the ladies' room at work--

a copywriter and a graphic designer were talking about reese witherspoon & ryan philippe. they brought up old movies like cruel intentions and fear (ooh ahh-ing at mark wahlberg) followed by a wistful remark about freddie prince jr. in i know what you did last summer.

old school to me includes spice girls and backstreet boys (admitted with a hint of embarrassment). it's funny to think about the things we used to think were so important, so amazing...and now, we barely care about them. i've recently learnt a lesson in excess, especially when it comes to things that you can't eat or drink. recently found a bunch of gimp and pogs from the 90s in a drawer at home. the gimp is oily and discolored, and i've sort of forgotten how to play with pogs.

all that stuff gave off a sense of vague material nostalgia but mostly i think they were just a reminder of childish impulse (or foolishness?).

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