Wednesday, September 1, 2010


i came across a young girl at the library
i, with a huge stack of books, and the girl, doing her math homework,
no chair, she was standing, pacing almost.

she had written across her worksheet
i asked her, "what's boring?"
"this worksheet! urgh," she replied.
"what do you like to do?" i inquired.
"i like to read," she said, and looked down slightly.

"i love to read," i said, "and write."
i showed her my sketchbook.

as i walked away i realized that i should go back and encourage her to do math as well,
so i walked back,
went up to her, and said, "you'll need some math in life, but i didn't like math either.  maybe you should get a journal to write in during math class."

i walked away.

later when i was looking through the stacks, i heard shuffling behind me
and a voice as it ran away, "oh, there she is!"


1 comment:

  1. such a dear moment. and we do need a little math in our lives.