Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i've never been much of a believer in objects. i'm big on place, not things. but today i looked through one of my grandmother's recipe books and missed her a lot. her handwriting was rather legible (in comparison to my mothers) and she always had this habit of using free notebooks to record everything in--recipes, inventories (of possessions such as suitcases or jewelry with diagrams of each item which i used to help her draw), the bible in chinese written character by character.

here written on the pisces page is a recipe for beef tongue stew (which she spelled more like "stool").

scrape the tongues until clean then bake for 20 minutes
cut into pieces

dice potatoes then steam until cooked
slice onions into rings
cut tomatoes into wedges
stir-fry together. season with maggi, worcestershire sauce, ketchup.
add roux (cornflour dissolved in water).

use any kind of liquor for stewing.
add coriander root & pepper

also found this book of recipes that she consulted from time to time.

500 Savory & Sweet Thai Recipes

it's yellow & spotty, literally falling apart. i was drawn to the image on the cover, just thinking about the way the woman was squatting down next to a charcoal stove, her children part of the scene. and where was the man of the house?

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