Saturday, May 29, 2010


today i went to a relatively new bar that i've been frequenting. it's called WTF, which is playful for "wonderful thai friendship." the name is a bit lacklustre like that. i prefer the gritty "what the fuck" version better.

seeing that one of the owners had the same shirt i had just bought (she was wearing another one i had the other day) made me feel like i should talk to her. it was that sort of vibe where i could either talk or chalk it up to 2 people having such peculiarly similar taste while shopping at zara. she told me about going to school for art management then coming back to bangkok and finding that there were no jobs for that here. we talked about the museum that i looked into working for when i first got back and somehow never did. i guess art is still hard here.

so she opened up this little bar/restaurant with amazing baked eggs and a gallery upstairs, made cheap but tasty drinks and played good music. it felt like a williamsburg bar, or something you'd find in barcelona. gosh, i miss that city and how i used to feel in it. it was a good night, the kind that made think, here is a possibility of the woman you could become. you could also keep on writing.

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